Fiumei Residence Budapest

A modern urban style residential complex next to one of the main transportation hubs of Budapest. Located between District VII and VIII and only 20 minutes away from the historic centre,  it offers all you need in walking distance.


The facade is defined by modern simple lines and glass surfaces combined with a rustic brick wall cover and is equipped with minimalist erker balconies, adapts perfectly with the urban surroundings.


Perched on the highest floors, these apartments offer a skyline view of the city and feature exclusive amenities, smart house specs, and downtown luxury.


The apartments are designed according to the latest trends and highest design standards, to use with efficiency every square meter of the layout, in order to achieve a pleasing blend of contemporary comfort and urban style living.


Secure investment with high rate of return, suitable for both short and long term rental makes Fiumei Residence Budapest an attractive value for money purchase.


Area is offering the best public transport, combination of metro, bus and train. For international travelers Keleti train station is only few feet away.


In the heart of the city center, where you can find within walking distance famous restaurants, bars and shopping centers as well as cultural experience in historical Erkel Theatre.

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Fiumei Residence is situated in the great location with easy access to all the area’s activities. Modern housing surrounded by historical heritage. Whether you want to travel, shop or enjoy culture, you have all these options at your disposal.

Technical Specification

Modern and smart features with the correct application of advanced materials and application methods, that offer better living conditions and ultimately a fine quality of life. The result combines the simple convenience of urban living with a family-friendly environment.

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Shading Shading Remote-controlled outdoor anthracite aluminum blinds for each apartment (preparation). Safety glass for the Fasade apartments with extra acoustic insulation.
Heating Energy-efficient gas central heating connected to Heat Pump, controlled by an autonomous thermostat regulator for each apartment. Underfloor heating for the Penthouses.
Cooling Cooling Airconditioning Split unit preparation for each apartment. Fan-coil units for the Fasade and cooling panels for Penthouse apartments connected to Heat Pump.
Ventilation Heat recovery ventilation with an air filtering system for the Fasade (Local) and Penthouse (Centralized) apartments.
Elevator The main elevator is placed in Building B and is connected to Building A by a roofed pedestrian bridge.
Parking Parking Two levels of garage parking for each resident (ground and underground), each one with a separate spacious entrance, and a possibility for EV charging in selected spots.
Storage 30 storages in the garage levels close to parking spots, 3 – 6 m2 for the residents of our Project.
Facilities Safe bicycle area for the residents and a separate room for recycling both placed on the ground floor.
Garden The internal and back yard of the buildings, is fully covered by green areas with trees and bushes watered by an automated irrigation system.

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FLATBUILDINGFLOORROOMSInterior SQMExterior SQMTotal area SQMPrice HUFavailability
105B1251,010,861,859 000 000FreeLINK na PDF
106B1135,17,742,944 600 000FreeLINK na PDF
107B1240,67,347,949 300 000ReservedLINK na PDF
201A2359,67,867,569 100 000FreeLINK na PDF
202A2250,76,757,458 300 000FreeLINK na PDF
203A2371,216,287,379 600 000FreeLINK na PDF
204A2124,00,024,0SoldLINK na PDF
205B2251,05,856,858 000 000FreeLINK na PDF
206B2135,15,340,444 600 000FreeLINK na PDF
301A3359,67,867,571 600 000FreeLINK na PDF
302A3250,76,757,460 500 000ReservedLINK na PDF
303A3250,710,461,162 300 000FreeLINK na PDF
304A3244,85,750,554 000 000FreeLINK na PDF
305B3251,05,856,859 800 000FreeLINK na PDF
306B3135,15,340,4SoldLINK na PDF
307B3240,65,045,6SoldLINK na PDF
308B3380,30,0080,382 800 000FreeLINK na PDF
310B3246,30,0046,353 600 000ReservedLINK na PDF
401A4359,67,867,573 800 000ReservedLINK na PDF
402A4250,76,757,462 300 000FreeLINK na PDF
403A4250,710,461,164 400 000FreeLINK na PDF
404A4244,85,750,555 800 000FreeLINK na PDF
405B4251,45,657,062 300 000FreeLINK na PDF
406B4135,15,240,347 200 000FreeLINK na PDF
407B4240,64,945,5SoldLINK na PDF
408B4385,90,0085,991 800 000ReservedLINK na PDF
409B4240,50,0040,549 700 000FreeLINK na PDF
410B4243,60,0043,651 800 000FreeLINK na PDF
501A5359,67,867,576 300 000FreeLINK na PDF
502A5250,76,757,464 100 000FreeLINK na PDF
503A5250,710,461,1SoldLINK na PDF
504A5344,85,750,557 600 000FreeLINK na PDF
505B5251,05,656,763 700 000FreeLINK na PDF
506B5135,15,240,348 600 000FreeLINK na PDF
507B5240,64,945,554 000 000FreeLINK na PDF
508B5380,40,0080,488 600 000FreeLINK na PDF
509B5243,20,0043,254 000 000FreeLINK na PDF
510B5243,60,0043,653 600 000FreeLINK na PDF
602A6250,76,757,466 200 000FreeLINK na PDF
605B6251,05,656,765 500 000FreeLINK na PDF
606B6134,984,8039,7849 700 000FreeLINK na PDF
607B6240,64,945,555 400 000ReservedLINK na PDF
608B6385,90,0085,997 900 000FreeLINK na PDF
609B6240,50,0040,552 600 000FreeLINK na PDF
701A7490,543,3133,8 + ROOF GARDENFreeLINK na PDF
702A74100,843,8144,6 + ROOF GARDENFreeLINK na PDF
703B7490,154,6144,7FreeLINK na PDF
704B7496,661,3157,9 + ROOF GARDENFreeLINK na PDF

Construction Schedule

2021 Q3

Start of the project

2022 Q2

Finished skeleton construction

2023 Q3